We would like to say thank you for viewing our site. We are based out of
Zanesville, Ohio although we have divisions all over the United States. We are  
a non-profit organization so we do not charge for investigating locations. We
do take donations if anyone would like to donate to us. We do use up to date
equipment.  A number of our researchers are in law enforcement or were in  
law enforcement at one time or another. We take our time  to gather the history
on the location, past and present  individuals who have lived there over the
years and we also attempt to do a past history of the land the location is on.

We want to  educate  the individuals about what is happening at their location  
and whether it is paranormal or something less dramatic. On this site we
hope to educate the viewer about different meanings of types of  hauntings,
orbs, spirits, etc. None of the evp's, photos, videos, or other evidence was or
has been altered in any way. There are times we need to take out the
background noise so you can hear an evp clearer. Our goal on this site is to
give answers and hopefully a better understanding of what goes on in the
world of paranormal.

If you or someone you know is having what you believe to be paranormal
activity  please take the time  to fill out our report form and we will contact you.
If you wish we will change your name and location site for you. All personal
information is kept private. Once we do a paranormal investigation at your
location we reserve the right to post the finding of our investigation on this site.

We also have a Face-Book Community and you are welcome to join. We are
listed as American Paranormal Research Organization. It is a closed
community. We will keep it closed to insure it be as respectful as possible for
our members.

Please come back often as we will update the site every chance we get.
Thank you again for visiting our APRO site.

APRO Office


All content (images, evp's, videos, reports) on this website is copyrighted to APRO and those
who are members. It is not to be removed or used without express written permission of the
member it belongs to.
UPDATEDS :1/27/14
The Members page is up dated with
new members ... Photos page will soon
be up dated  as well as a few other
pages...Membership bios